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Scott and Julie Townsend teamed up to incorporate Townsend Electrical Limited in 2009 and graciously serve the electrical repair, maintenance, and installation needs of Sylvan Lake and area. Scott is a Master Electrician with over 14 years of experience, while Julie offers her years of experience managing operations. Professional and integral business relations are what both Scott and Julie strive to obtain.

Committed to On-The-Job Safety

We take a safety-first approach to every residential, commercial, industrial, and solar electrical job we do. Furthering our commitment to on-the-job safety, we have also recently hired an on-site Safety Coordinator.

Large electrical jobs should always be completed by a professional, but here are a few safety tips when handling minor jobs at home:

  • Install a ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) on all your outlets, especially for outlets found near water. GFIs will immediately cut off the power to prevent injury should there ever be a power surge or imbalance.

  • Avoid carrying a ladder or other large metal objects near power lines or other sources of electricity since electrical currents can often jump.

  • Only use bulbs that are the appropriate wattage for your lamps and other lighting fixtures.

  • Do not use power chords that are cracked, frayed, or damaged – these can pose a dangerous risk of electrical shock.

  • If your power plug has a third (grounding) prong, leave it intact and never attempt to remove it in order to make it fit into a 2-prong outlet. This could also result in electrical shock.

  • If you hit or knock over a power pole while driving, stay inside your vehicle, and immediately call for assistance. Stay inside your vehicle until help arrives. If you do have to leave your vehicle for safety reasons, avoid touching power lines, and be sure not to touch your vehicle and the ground at the same time. Land with your feet together and move away using small steps.

Ice Hockey
Proud Community Sponsors

At Townsend Electric, we realize that your community is also our community. Understanding the importance of giving back to our neighbours, we are proud to sponsor:

  • Minor League Hockey: Kraft Hockeyville 

  • Benalto Pro Rodeo

  • Red Deer Westerner Days (Chuckwagon)

  • Farmettes

  • Lacombe Light Horse Association

For more information about Townsend Electric, feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

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