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Can I Rewire My Own House? Red Deer Electrician Explains

Updated: May 10

Red Deer Electricians | Townsend Electrical

Electrical prowess and the right tools are only part of the equation when it comes to doing your own wiring. Rewiring a house is a complex and potentially hazardous task that some people may be capable of, but most people aren’t. If you start an electrical job on any property without the right permits and knowledge of Alberta’s electrical code, you can face unnecessary legal trouble that will postpone the project and cost money.  

Working with electricity poses serious safety risks, including electrical shock, fire hazards, and even fatalities. Professional electricians are trained to handle these risks safely. Rewiring involves understanding electrical circuits, wiring methods, load calculations, and more. Mistakes in wiring can lead to electrical problems, malfunctioning devices, or even fires.  

Electrical Code Compliance 

Alberta adheres to the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) as its electrical code. The CEC is a comprehensive set of electrical standards and regulations developed by the Canadian Standards Association. It establishes the minimum safety requirements for electrical installations in Canada, including Alberta. 

This code is regularly updated to incorporate advancements in technology, changes in electrical practices, and new safety standards. Electrical contractors, electricians, inspectors and other professionals working in Alberta must adhere to the latest version of the CEC to ensure the safety and compliance of electrical installations. 

It's essential for electrical professionals and homeowners alike to stay informed about updates to the electrical code and ensure that their electrical work meets or exceeds the standards outlined in the CEC. Local municipalities in Alberta may also have additional requirements or amendments to the code, so it's advisable to consult with local authorities or electrical regulatory bodies for specific information relevant to your area. 

Permits and Inspections 

In Alberta, you need an electrical permit to install, alter or add to an electrical system. If that electrical work is part of a larger home building or home renovation plan, you’ll also need to apply for a New House Permit or a Home Improvement Permit, depending on the project. As part of the process, you’ll need to schedule a formal inspection of all mechanisms that will be contained within the wall, floor or ceiling panels of your home to ensure they are up to code and safe to use. 

Quality, Insurance & Liability 

Properly rewiring a house requires precision and attention to detail. Professional electricians have the experience and expertise to do the job correctly the first time, minimizing the risk of future issues. If electrical work is done improperly and causes damage or injury, you may be held liable. Licensed electricians like those at Townsend Electrical carry insurance and provide warranties on their work, offering protection and peace of mind for all involved. 

Call Townsend Electrical for a quote on your property’s rewiring or repair job! We’re here for our Central Alberta community in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and beyond. 

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